When choosing a car dealership key management system, many of us look for a keybank that will make our lives easier and our jobs less stressful. That’s why we love technology-driven systems that track dealership keys automatically, and the options offered here at Security Key Automotive can do a lot more than that! If you appreciate the simplicity and efficiency that technology provides, you will love these advanced choices!

Morse Watchman KeyBank Auto

This key management system is perfect for the tech-savvy dealer who wants convenient access to everything through a PC. Always know where your keys are located and who last accessed them without going to the key box itself! The KeyBank Auto is built with security in mind, featuring a tamper-proof steep cabinet, controlled system access, and five different employee access. Using your choice of individual entry codes or a biometric fingerprint reader, this system ensures your keys stay safe. The five different security levels ensure that only those who need the most access, like managers, are able to use it, while others are able to simply remove keys as needed, etc. Furthermore, the KeyBank Auto makes life easy with reporting capability, illuminated smart key locations for easy ID, and hassle-free scheduling, networking and key management. Best of all, because the Key-Pro III software can interface with dealership PCs, you can run reports and access information right from your desk! If you love convenience, this may well be the car dealership key management solution for you!

Morse Watchman KeyBank Touch

If you are looking for a key box with even more technology features, look no further than the KeyBank Touch! This car dealership key management system offers all of the features of the KeyBank Auto with more to boot! Along with the aforementioned security and access control features, this option also provides top-of-the-line capability. Enjoy the best ease of access with a convenient, easy-to-read 7-inch touchscreen and an intuitive interface. Patented Smart Key technology and the KeyFinder feature allows you to track dealership keys easily, while KeyFinder software lets you return keys to any compatible box on the premises, and see where any given key was returned at a glance. An on-screen QWERTY keyboard makes it easy to enter custom notes right from the key box, meaning that you never have to worry about your sales staff forgetting to go back and record details. A navigation bar with status prompts makes navigating the key system simple, and you can even receive email notifications whenever a key is removed. If you want a car dealership key management system that offers all the best technology features, consider the KeyBank Touch!

No matter which key management system you choose, you’ll get the same friendly customer support along with a two-year all-inclusive warranty. The technology on both of these systems is user-friendly, but if anything should ever go wrong, our support team is only a phone call away. Best of all, we make using even the most technologically-advanced car dealership key management system affordable with our leasing program. Contact Security Key Automotive today to learn more!