It’s no secret that car dealership key management is becoming increasingly complex and technology driven, so choosing the right system and having a support team on your side is important. Our goal here at Security Key Automotive is to make every aspect of key management– from running reports to securing and tracking keys– easier for you and your team. That’s why we offer key boxes with the best user-friendly options, as well as a friendly support staff to help you whenever issues arise.

Today, car dealership key management is about so much more than having a place to store your inventory keys. If you’ve ever used a simple key box, you know how frustrating searching for inventory keys can be. That’s why you need a dealership key tracking system that offers secure access management. Security Key Automotive offers options like the KeyBank Touch, which requires users to log in to retrieve keys using access codes or, if you prefer, even finger print identification. The system interfaces with your office PCs so that you can easily see who last retrieved any key at any time. You can even receive email notifications each time a key is removed. Notes can be entered either from connected computers or directly from the on-screen QWERTY keyboard. This user-friendly approach makes entering notes quick and simple, ensuring that your sales team will never need to wait until later and possibly forget. Best of all, the fact that the system is already integrated with your PC means that reports can be run with a few clicks of the mouse. All in all, this system makes dealership key management a breeze!

Of course, we understand not every dealership needs or wants a technologically advanced key management system – sometimes simple is better. That’s why we also offer a secure mechanical automotive key tracking system, the Cobra key box. This system tracks who last accessed keys, and boasts security features like an automatically locking master key and sturdy, tamper-resistant cabinet– all without the complication of technology! This Cobra system is ideal for smaller dealerships and for those who prefer a more straightforward, simple approach to car dealership key management that still ensures key security.

Of course, if you’re looking for a car dealership key management system that falls somewhere between the two, Security Key Automotive can help you with that as well! Ask us about our range of available key tracking options. While you’re at it, don’t forget to learn about the other aspects that make us a favorite choice for many car dealerships!

Our team shares decades of experience in the auto industry, so we understand what dealers like you need to make daily car dealership key management convenient and efficient. Our experience also means you can count on our support team to offer expert assistance specifically tailored for auto dealerships. Regardless of which key tracking system you choose, you can rest assured knowing that help is available via phone or chat. We are happy to answer any questions and address any issues, and our team’s experience in the industry means we understand what’s most vital to you and your dealership. Best of all, we make it easy to enjoy all of the benefits of a car dealership key management system! Our leasing options and two-year, all-inclusive warranty make using a key box easy and cost effective. Let us show you why Security Key Automotive is the dealership key management team you can trust! Contact us to learn more!