Security Key Automotive is an automotive dealership key management company drawing on decades of experience. Founder Steve Singleton wanted to create a business focused solely on providing key tracking systems for car dealerships. Thanks to its leadership team’s experience and industry insight, Security Key Automotive provides affordable automotive key management systems along with stellar customer service.

Auto dealership key management is something Steve Singleton has long had an interest in. During his 40 years of experience in the automotive sales industry, he noticed that one of the biggest challenges faced by many dealerships was keeping track of keys. With traditional key boards, keys could often be misplaced, leading to wasted time spent searching, unprofessional appearance, and, worst of all, lost sales due to customers’ frustration. Steve knew there had to be a better way to handle dealership key management.

This eventually led to the founding of Security Key Automotive, a keybank company specifically created with dealers in mind. As an automotive dealership key management provider, Security Key Automotive focuses on offering the solutions that work best for automotive dealership key management. Utilizing years of experience, the company prides itself on the ability to match high-quality automotive key management systems to each dealerships specific needs. In fact, Security Key Automotive’s dedication to quality is such that they also offer an all-inclusive two-year warranty.

All of that quality can be more affordable than many might believe. Security Key Automotive key management systems start at only $199 per month. Compare that to the monthly costs of lost sales due key unavailability, key replacement, and paid time spent looking for missing keys. In most cases, key tracking systems for car dealerships not only pay for themselves, but also earn money!

Your best automotive dealership key management solution awaits. Don’t keep wasting time and money on lost keys, and don’t settle for keybank systems not specifically matched to your dealership’s needs. Contact Security Key Automotive to learn more about available auto dealership key management systems today.