If you’ve ever lost a sale because of a misplaced key, you’re not alone. It’s a common problem among car dealerships. The good news is that you can ensure you never face that problem again by using the Morse Watchman KeyBank Auto Dealership Key Tracking System! This is an innovative, highly-secure dealership key management solution that works seamlessly with typical auto dealership sales processes. Reduce the risk of theft, eliminate key replacement costs, and analyze the status and location of your inventory in real time using the KeyBank Auto dealership key tracking system! By reducing risks, it can even help reduce floor plan insurance premiums for your dealership! The KeyBank Auto features a sturdy, tamper-proof key cabinet along with state of the art software that automatically records who last removed which keys. Enjoy the security of knowing your keys are safe with this excellent dealership key tracking system!

key bank auto for car dealers


  • Tamper-proof steel cabinet
  • Key management reporting capability
  • Key-Pro III software which offers easy scheduling, networking, and key management
  • Controlled system access using personalized entry codes or biometric devices like fingerprint readers
  • Availability of five different access levels for various employees
  • Individually illuminated smart key locations within cabinet offer instant visual ID
  • Instant record of access history
  • Key system works alone or interfaces with dealership PCs

Always know where your inventory keys are located, who last accessed them, and what you have in stock using the Morse Watchman KeyBank Auto dealership key tracking system. Improve accountability, run key management reports, and reduce the loss of time and money with this reliable system. Contact Security Key Automotive at 1-800-887-0258 today, and don’t forget to ask about our monthly payment plans and our 2-year warranty!