24 Jun 2024

Cobra Automotive Key Management System

Looking for a simple, no-nonsense automotive key management system? Look no further than the Cobra Key System, available from Security Key Automotive! This mechanical dealership key tracking system is perfect for those who prefer not to use a computerized solution. Ideal for smaller dealers, the Cobra automotive key management system comes in ranges of up to 160 key units, and is an affordable solution for keeping your inventory keys safe. The easy-to-use system tracks who last accessed any give key, service department orders, and even license plate numbers. So, if you are looking for a simple and cost-effective was to safely store keys, the Cobra key management system may be for you!


  • Cabinets are made from .063 aluminum– making them tough, lightweight, and rustproof– and are powder-coated for easy cleaning
  • Master Key released keys, and does not remain in a lock position
  • Access keys available in 12 colors for easy organization
  • Features round-cornered 35mm by 76mm plastic ID tags for easy key identification
  • Uses fuss-free key holders with a simple plastic locking strap
  • Modified Key Holders allow for the use of various Cobra Key Rings in a system
  • Offers a Dealer Plate Control System to prevent the loss of dealer and demo license plates.
  • Available “The Station” Service System specifically designed for dealership service centers. To learn more about the affordable and easy-to-use Cobra automotive key management system, call Security Key Automotive at 1-800-887-0258 or chat with us online! Explore how this simply and effective manual dealership key tracking system can save you time, money, and stress. Also, remember to ask our team about our convenient monthly payment options and our two-year, all-inclusive warranty! Contact us today!