19 Apr 2024

Security Key Automotive: Home of Key Tracking Systems for Car Dealerships

Security Key Automotive is a company created specifically to provide key tracking systems for car dealerships ranging everywhere from large auto groups to single BHPH lots. Our aim is to provide high-quality products, friendly customer service, and excellent automotive key management system support.

Why Do You Need a Dealership Key Tracking System?

There is an unpleasant experience which far too many car dealerships share. A customer buyer is interested in a particular vehicle, and wants to see the interior or take it for a test drive. The sales person goes to the manual key board and discovers that they key is missing. He or she asks coworkers if they’ve seen the key, and asks the sales desk if they know who had it last. A sales manager has to begin questioning employees about the missing key– didn’t you show that car to someone last week?– and spending valuable time in a hunt. Meanwhile, the sales team looks unprofessional and incompetent, the wait time is stretching longer and longer, and the customer is becoming annoyed. That irritation may grow as the sales person tries to make excuses, show them a similar vehicle, or bashfully explain the situation. Finally, the frustrated customer leaves, saying they’ll be back at a later date. Of course, in most cases they don’t return. They go to another dealership, where the key to the vehicle they want is not missing, and buy there instead. A lost key has become a lost sale. Sometimes it even leads to additional lost revenue, as the key cannot be found and a new one has to be made.

If you’ve never endured this situation before, you’re lucky, but understand that it can happen to any dealership using a manual storage system. However, you can prevent it! A dealership key tracking system requires personalized access codes to retrieve keys, and records which keys are removed– even if they are not the one originally requested! This means that only authorized users can access keys, and you will always know who had which key last.

The fact is that, without a proper dealership key tracking system, there is no way to be certain 100 percent of the time who last accessed they key for a particular vehicle. Even if the key is behind the sales desk or service desk, busy managers can’t keep an eye on it all the time. That leads to another potential problem: theft. It’s an uncomfortable subject, but the fact remains that the risk exists. Again, having a dealership key tracking system greatly reduces that risk as no one but authorized employees can access keys, and the automotive key management system automatically records who last removed which key.

Even worse, in some ways, is what can happen is service departments when a key is lost. It’s bad enough to lose your own keys, but when you lose those belonging to a consumer it can create a customer service nightmare. Imagine how it would make your service department look: someone has left their car in the care of your team, and now they can’t drive it home. Your service department seems unprofessional, and the customer can become enraged. They may even demand a loaner vehicle or a reduction in service costs. Again, the issue can cost you time, money, and trouble, On top of that, your customer service rating can plummet thanks to angry reviews online.

So why do you need a dealership key tracking system? You need it to prevent the loss of sales and inventory. You need it to reduce wasted time and stress. Most of all, you need it for your peace of mind.

Why Choose Security Key Automotive?

There are a lot of key management systems out there, but Security Key Automotive is different. With a team boasting decades of experience in the automotive sales industry, we pride ourselves on offering the best key tracking systems for car dealerships specifically. We also help dealers match their individual needs with the automotive key management system that’s best for them.

That’s not all that sets us apart, however. Here at Security Key Automotive, we make using a dealership key tracking system easy and affordable. We offer several options including both computerized and mechanical key management systems at a range of costs. To make it even more budget friendly, we also offer monthly payment plans. To top it all off, all of the automotive key storage systems we sell come with an all-inclusive two-year warranty.

Finally, we also provide dealership key tracking system supplies sales as well as world class support formulated specifically with the automotive industry in mind! We can take care of all of your dealership key management needs from start to finish, including installation, training, technical support, and supplies. Contact us to learn more!