Choosing an automotive key management system with the right level of technology is important as not all dealership’s technological needs are the same – after all, some folks are more tech savvy than others. The good news is that you don’t have to be a “Mr. Spock” to use an automotive key management system. Whether you and your team are super tech savvy or more comfortable with less advanced options, Security Key Automotive can help you choose the right key box for your needs.

KeyBank Touch

If you’re looking for a more advanced technology to protect your inventory keys, the Morse Watchman KeyBank Touch is the automotive key management system for you. This sturdy key box includes bright, 7-inch touch screen features user-friendly buttons as well as an on-screen QWERTY keyboard that allows users to enter custom notes right from the key box. However, the system also interfaces with PCs for easy reports, scheduling, etc. Either way, it provides convenient navigation complete with status bar prompts. Keys are tracked through the KeyFind software, while the system automatically logs every user’s access to the key box. The common database syncs between KeyBank Touch systems on the property, while the KeyAnywhere features lets employees return keys to any KeyBank Touch automotive key management system in the dealership. That along with a capacity of as many as 18,000 keys and up to 10,000 users makes this key management system ideal for large dealerships.

KeyBank Auto

If that’s more technology than your team really needs, but you still want an option that’s computer driven, then your best automotive key management system is the Morse Watchman KeyBank Auto. Like the KeyBank Touch, this system logs user access, networks with other KeyBank systems on the premises, and can interface with dealership PCs using the Key-Pro III software. It is somewhat more simple and straightforward, however, using a keypad instead of a touch screen and offering an available fingerprint scanner for extra security. The KeyBank Auto also features a tamper-proof steel cabinet and individually illuminated smart key locators to make finding any key easy.

Cobra Key System

If your motto when it comes to key control is: “keep it simple,” you will want to consider the Cobra automotive key management system. This is a great solution for dealerships with less-than-tech-savvy teams. The Cobra Key System is fully mechanical, skipping over all of the bells and whistles that come with computerized systems. However, that doesn’t mean this key solution is less secure! The cabinet is made from .063 aluminum, and is powder coated for easy cleaning. This makes it lightweight, rust-proof, and durable. It does not interface with computers, but does also many other great features. The Dealer Plate Control System prevents the loss of dealer and demo license plates, while the Modified Key Holders allow for the use of various types of Cobra key rings. Plastic ID tags make identifying keys easy, why the Master Key releases so that it will not remain in the lock position. There is even a Cobra automotive key management system designed especially for Service Departments called “the Station.” With all of these no-fuss features and available units for up to 160 keys, this is an excellent choice for smaller dealerships including BHPH or independent dealers.

Considering the level of comfort you and your team have with technology is an important part of choosing an automotive key management system. Let Security Key Automotive help you identify which option fits your dealership best! Take a look at our products on our web site at or contact us to learn more!