How much can dealership key management save you? If you have no way to track keys, it’s not a question of when you will have to replace one, but when. Having a dealership key tracking system in place can save you the hassle and expense of replacing lost keys.

If you’ve ever had to waste time searching for a lost inventory key, you already know how frustrating it can be and what a relief it is to finally find the lost key! But what happens when that moment never comes? Now you’re stuck with a vehicle that no one can test drive, so of course your only option is to replace the key. This is bad because, thanks to increasingly technologically advanced keys, getting a new one is no longer quick and inexpensive.

For example, according to Consumer Reports, the car key replacement cost for a Toyota Prius can be as much as $600. This is because recent model year Toyotas like the Prius use proximity keys which unlock and start the vehicle with a simple touch or click of a button. Even other key fobs for older Toyotas may not be cheap, and you can expect the car key replacement cost to include a programming fee.

A typical car key replacement cost for a BMW is about $500, and for a Lexus runs around $375. In fact, no matter what the make and model of the vehicle in question, you can expect the car key replacement cost of anything new enough to include a computerized key fob to be at least $200. As a dealer manager or owner, you know that expenses like that add up and take a big bite out of your profits. So what else can you do?

While we can’t find your missing inventory key for you, Security Key Automotive can help you avoid facing this predicament in the future. In fact, using a dealership key management system from Security Key Automotive can help you save the hassle and money in various ways for years to come, making it an excellent investment! Imagine never having to replace a lost key, never losing a sale because a frustrated customer leaves when keys can’t be found quickly, and always knowing which employee has which key when.

Every car key replacement cost and lost sale eats into your profits. Take control by letting us help you find the keybank that works best for your dealership! We offer leasing options, a two year warranty, and expert technical support to make using a dealership key management system affordable and easy! Contact us today to learn more and never worry about lost inventory keys or car key replacement costs again! It may well be the best investment your dealership makes this year!