You already know that an automotive key management system can make your life easier, but what if I told you it might offer some other benefits you haven’t considered? It’s true! Good key management can do a lot more than save you inconvenience and worry. Here’s how!

Have you ever seen the following situation, or perhaps been involved in it yourself? A customer comes in to see a specific vehicle, and the key is not where it’s supposed to be. Now there is a wild goose chase all over the dealership as sales people try to determine who has the key, whether they are showing the vehicle to another customer, etc. Meanwhile, the customers are waiting, becoming increasingly irritated, and your team looks completely unprofessional. If this scenario sounds familiar, don’t worry – it’s not just you. This is, unfortunately, a common occurrence at dealerships all across the country.

Now, what happens if the salesperson helping the aforementioned customer finds out that someone else forget to put the key back after showing the vehicle? What if the customers, by that point, have gotten tired of waiting, and one employee’s forgetfulness has cost another a sale? Thanks to the lack of an automotive key management system, your dealership has lost money, and that’s never good, but that’s only the beginning. The seeds for friction within your sales team have also been sown. Add to this the wasted time– which, in auto sales, translates to wasted opportunity– and the stress, and you’ve got the recipe for a more negative, less productive workplace.

This isn’t just me talking. A study in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health reported that employees experiencing stress can be up to 19 percent less productive than those who are mostly stress-free. That means stress might cut productiveness in your dealership by nearly one-fifth! Another article in the same journal published the results of a study showing that a toxic work environment– such as that caused by friction between employees– also negatively impacts productivity. This means that an automotive key management system won’t only save you time and money upfront, but, by removing a major source of stress and contention, may also improve productivity overall at your dealership. It’s even possible that, with the right automotive key management system, you may actually gain time and money thanks to improved productiveness at your dealership!

Ask Security Key Automotive about our automotive key management system options today. No matter how many keys you need to track or many buildings make up your operation, we have a keybank to meet your needs. Our experienced specialists will be happy to help you identify what works best for your dealership. Best of all, our leasing program, two-year all-inclusive warranty, and friendly support staff make using an automotive key management system easy. Contact us to learn more!

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