When the time comes to expand key tracking systems for car dealerships, it’s important to take the opportunity to consider options. Asking yourself how well your current automotive key management system will fit your future needs will save you trouble and expense later. Here are some things to consider.

First, keep in mind that different keybank systems have different limits on the number of keys each can track. For example, the KeyBank Touch system is perfect for quickly growing dealerships, as it offers a capacity of up to 18,000 keys, while the Cobra Mechanical Key Management System is better suited for small dealers, as it holds only about 160 keys per box. When expanding key tracking systems for car dealerships, general managers and owners should think about how fast they are growing, and how soon they are likely to need to expand again in the future. After all, if you are likely to need to track over a thousand sometime in the next couple of years, your wisest course of action may be to update your system now rather than paying to expand your current key box only to have to replace it later.

Second, consider whether or not your current key management system meets all of your needs. Not every sales and management team is the same, so of course there are different key tracking systems for car dealerships of different sizes, tech levels, and such. Does your keybank make your life– and the lives of your employees– simple and stress-free? Would you like to have more options for tracking keys on your premises, along with who last accessed them and which key box they were returned to? What about reports and ease of access? There are key tracking systems for car dealerships wanting to make both easy and intuitive. If you are preparing to expand your system, now is the time to ask yourself whether there are things that could work better for your business, or key tracking needs that are not currently being met. Just because your team manages to make something work doesn’t mean it is the best or most efficient option, so take a good look at what could be improved and consider whether it’s time to simply expand in size or upgrade to another system.

Finally, there is security to think about. Is your current key management system keeping your inventory safe enough? It’s an unfortunate fact that car dealerships are sometimes targeted by car thieves, and in fact there have been several news stories this past year about such costly inventory robberies. However, a secure keybank can help keep your dealership inventory safe against theft. The best key tracking systems for car dealerships looking to keep their inventory safe include features like tough, tamper-proof metal cabinets and secure access control requiring logins or even finger print recognition. Of course, if the unthinkable should happen, the ability to track your keys within a certain range is also a vital advantage. If your current keybox doesn’t offer these features, it is time to consider one that does.

Here at Security Key Automotive, we specialize in providing key tracking systems for car dealerships’ various needs. Let our experienced team help you consider what you need from an automotive key management system, and identify which key box will best fit both those needs and your budget. Contact us today to learn more!