A car dealership key management system offers a lot of benefits, not least of which is organization. This is important because, as you already know, being organized not only saves you time and money, but also helps your business run smoother. Disorganization can have some very negative effects on your workplace and your bottom line, perhaps even more than you think. That’s why Security Key Automotive is dedicated to providing the best dealership key management systems to help you keep things running like clockwork!

So just how much can disorganization affect your dealership? Maybe a key slipped into a drawer until you have a chance to put it back doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, but it can easily become a big problem. The first issue, of course, is that things can get lost– and we all know inventory keys have a habit of doing just that. You’ve probably heard the maxim: “time is money.” It’s true, and time wasted searching for keys is money lost. According to a study by Express Employment Professionals, 57 percent of employers say disorganization costs them six hours each week. For dealerships, lost keys can be a significant part of that loss!

That’s not the only way disorganization will cost you, however. Without consistent car dealership key management, you can lose sales and opportunities too. Long waits while sales people search for keys drive customers away, but that’s not the only issue. If your team is busy looking for a lost key, they are not doing other things like calling hot leads and following up with potential buyers. Make no mistake, car buyers today are more likely than ever to shop around. That means that while your sales people are busy trying to find out who had a particular inventory key last, another better-organized dealership is calling customers in a more timely, efficient manner and earning their business.

Finally, the disorganization that comes with poor car dealership key management costs your employees, too, and I’m not only talking about sales and bonuses. When finding the right key becomes a problem, stress levels increase. Trying to keep waiting customers happy while frantically searching for a key, quickly becomes a headache for sales people. It can negatively affect your work environment and, when team members inevitably begin arguing over who last had a key, or what was done with it, morale can plummet. If it becomes enough of an issue, it can affect your entire dealership. After all, it’s no secret that happy employees work harder and better than stressed ones.

Fortunately, Security Key Automotive has car dealership key management systems for dealerships of every size and level of tech proficiency. We offer solutions for tracking a few keys or a few thousand, as well as everything from manual keyboxes to technology-driven systems. Our leasing program, support, and two-year warranty make updating your car dealership key management system affordable and easy. So don’t risk the problems that come with disorganization; contact us today to learn more!