The benefits of a dealership key management system include much more than simply housing vehicle keys and making operations easier. A good key management system can save your dealership from avoidable inconveniences and even potential lost sales.

Case example: Samantha walks in your dealership ready to view and test drive a specific vehicle she has been looking at online. She’s greeted by Tom, a sales rep on the floor, but when he goes to retrieve the key, it’s not where it should be. Tom immediately begins searching for the key, which ends out becoming incredibly time-consuming with the key remaining lost and no one on the floor having a clue where it is or who was last to have it. Meanwhile, Samantha is waiting, becoming increasingly irritated with the wait, and Tom – along with your dealership operation – looks completely unprofessional. Later and long after Samantha stormed out of the dealership muttering something about a bad review, it becomes known that another rep, Barry, had the key in his pocket all along from showing the vehicle to a customer earlier that day. A dealership key management system that tracks and records the activity of every key in the dealership would have reported Barry as the last rep to have access to the key and would have saved Tom precious time and possibly a potential sale.

Don’t fire Barry for his forgetfulness. Ask Security Key Automotive about our automotive key management system options today. No matter how many keys you need to track or how many buildings make up your operation, we have a keybank to meet your needs. Our experienced specialists will be happy to help you identify what works best for your dealership. Best of all, our leasing program, two-year all-inclusive warranty, and friendly support staff make using an automotive key management system easy. Contact us to learn more!